Often asked: How To Ace Act Science?

How do I get good at ACT science?

The key to improving your ACT Science score is to:

  1. Learn the types of questions that the ACT tests, like the one above.
  2. Put together the concepts you already know to solve the questions.
  3. Practice on a lot of questions so you learn from your mistakes.

How do you solve the Science Act?


  1. Save the Conflicting Viewpoints Passage for last.
  2. Try to use only visuals to answer questions in Data Representation and Research Summary Passages.
  3. Use Process of Elimination.
  4. Make sure you read the right figure and pay attention to labels.
  5. Do not get caught up in the big science terms.

Is ACT Science easy?

Getting to a 36 ACT Science score isn’t easy. It’ll require perfection. But with hard work and my strategies below, you’ll be able to do it. I’ve consistently scored 36 on Science on my real ACTs, and I know what it takes.

What is the hardest ACT section?

The ACT® Reading and ACT® Science sections are both the hardest and easiest to prepare for.

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What is a good ACT score?

You’ll need to aim for around 20 on each ACT section if you’re hoping to hit the median. An ACT composite score above 20 can be considered a good score, as it means you did better than the majority of test takers. The higher your ACT score, the higher your percentile ranking will be.

How do you crack the science Act?

Tips for the ACT Science Section

  1. One – Learn to see past all of the numbers that you don’t need.
  2. Two – Look for patterns.
  3. Three – Annotate the paragraphs.
  4. Four – Try reading the questions before reading the paragraphs.
  5. Five – Use common sense.

What type of science is on the act?

Content Covered by the ACT Science Test The content of the science test includes biology, chemistry, physics, and the Earth/space sciences (for example, geology, astronomy, and meteorology).

How many sections are in the science Act?

But for both the ACT Reading and ACT Science, you have to read a passage and then answer a series of questions about it. There are seven passages on the science section. Each passage could contain graphs, charts, experiment summaries, or conflicting viewpoints from scientists.

How do I do well on the ACT?

Overall ACT Tips

  1. Skip Hard Questions.
  2. Use the Process of Elimination.
  3. Bubble at the End.
  4. Answer Every Question.
  5. Get a Good Night’s Sleep the Day Before the Test.
  6. Eat a Hearty Breakfast.
  7. Stay Calm.

How can I improve my math ACT score?

Top 5 Tips to Improve your ACT Math Score

  1. Tip # 1: Be attentive to detail.
  2. Tip # 2: Approach multiple choice questions strategically.
  3. Tip # 3: Research good ACT prep materials.
  4. Tip # 4: Learn to minimize calculator use.
  5. Tip # 5: Know what’s on the math test, and practice every skill.
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Is a 27 on the ACT a good score?

Is 27 ACT Score Good? With a score of 27, you are in the 87th percentile of all test takers. More likely than not, with a score of 27, you’ll often be in or near the commonly accepted range at selective colleges. The exception may be the Ivy League where the score required may be higher than 30 on average.

What should I study for the Science Act?

Recap to the Best Way to Study ACT Science

  • Study with real ACT Science materials.
  • When you take practice sections, make sure you are sticking to the real timing! (five minutes per passage)
  • Review your mistakes from your practice tests. (Don’t ignore them!
  • Study the science subjects that the ACT expects you to know.

How can I do act science faster?


  1. Do not read the instructions!
  2. Start with the Data Representation and Research Summaries Passages.
  3. Save the Conflicting Viewpoints Passage for last.
  4. Figure out where you are getting stuck and don’t do it!
  5. Give yourself time to fill in the blanks and the end.
  6. Keep your energy up to get the best score!

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