Often asked: How To Get To Liberty Science Center?

How long does it take to go through the Liberty Science Center?

Plan at least 3 hours. There is lots to see and read and you don’t want to feel rushed. The movies and the “Bodies Revealed” exhibits take time and patience.

What age is good for Liberty Science Center?

I feel like LSC is right for any age. Honestly, there’s really something for everyone. The I Explore area is designed specifically for ages 2-5 and contains mini animal exhibits, hands-on learning and fun climbing opportunities for little learners. Older children can learn a lot from every exhibit.

Is Liberty Science Center for adults?

More for kids but adults can enjoy – Liberty Science Center.

When did Liberty Science Center open?

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How much does it cost to park at Liberty State Park?

Parking at Liberty State Park is $7 per car. Although private parking garages may be available to you near Battery Park in New York City, parking is usually very limited and can be costly.

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