Often asked: What Is Home Science?

What do you mean by home science?

Home science is an integrated field of study that provides scientific and systematic knowledge about various aspects of family living. Home Science suggests that it is concerned with home and includes health and happiness of each and every person residing in it.

What is career in home science?

Home science has great opportunities in the tourism industry and/or in hotels, tourist resorts, etc. as catering agents, interior designer, cook, food analysts, bakers as well as a health care professional. They are employed as dieticians in hospitals, schools and various other organizations.

What can I do after 12th home science?

Answer: After pursuing a course in home science the various career opportunities are the production industry, tourism and service industry, healthcare industry, dietetics and nutrition, teaching and research, self-employment, textile and clothing, and resource management.

What is the aim of home science?

The home science aims at achieving and maintaining the welfare and well being of home, social and family life in an ever changing society. Home management requires skill and scientific knowledge which does not limit itself to activities within the home but also forms the basis of a challenging profession.

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What is Home Science salary?

The candidates with Home Science background can get a starting salary of Rs 5000 – 8000 as a trainee and after having experience in a particular area say Nutrition & Dietetics can get a monthly salary which can be more than Rs 10, 000. Those who have interests in research, teaching, catering jobs etc.

Is Home Science easy?

CBSE Class 12th Home Science, a common part of the Humanities/Arts stream is often thought of as one of the easiest of the Sciences. A relatively new subject, Home Science is an ancient art, having begun since humans began living in Homes. Whatever your view may be of the subject, as exams approach, it’s time to study.

Which course is best for Home Science?

List of Top 30 Courses in Home Science

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Dietetics and Public Health Nutrition.
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Health and Social Gerontology.
  • Ph.D.
  • Ph.D.
  • Ph.D.
  • Ph.D.in Fabric and Apparel Science.
  • Ph.D. in Resource Management and Design Application.
  • Ph.D. in Development Communication and Extension.

Is Home Science a good subject?

Students willing to study home science as their graduate course should learn basics of physics, biology and chemistry during their higher secondary education. As per the study topics it is clear that a home science student have a good future working as a professional in respective core areas.

How many subjects are there in Home Science?

A person who is pursuing this course needs to study 8 to 9 subjects in each semester. The course syllabus comprises of a detailed study of various aspects of home management and maintenance of economy on the household level.

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What is the syllabus of Home Science?

The course in Home Science encompasses five areas namely, Foods and Nutrition, Human Development and Family Studies, Fabric and Apparel, Resource Management and Communication and Extension.

Is BSc Home Science a good course?

B.Sc. (Hons.) in Home Science provides an excellent platform for candidates who wish to pursue the management and economy of households, taking up creative careers like fashion designing and interior designing as well as use their knowledge of diet and lifestyle as a career path.

Which BSc course is best?

Best Job Oriented B.Sc. Courses in India after 12th –

  • #1 B Sc Agriculture.
  • #2 B Sc Horticulture.
  • #3 B V Sc (Veterinary Science)
  • #4 B Sc Forestry.
  • #5 B Sc Biotechnology.
  • #9 B F Sc (Fisheries Science)
  • # B Sc Nursing (update)
  • # B Sc Nautical Science (update)

What are the aims and object of Home Science?

OBJECTIVES The broad objective of teaching Home Science at the Secondary level is to enable the learners to improve the quality of their personal and professional life and contribute towards the betterment of the family and the community.

How many branches of Home Science are there?

Students can choose to specialize in any of the five streams of Home Science—Food and Nutrition, Resource Management, Human Development, Fabric and Apparel Science and Communication and Extension or have a general understanding of all streams of Home Science.

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