Readers ask: Where Is Aperture Science Located?

Is Aperture Science a real company?

Aperture Science, Inc., often simply referred to as Aperture Science or simply Aperture, is an American scientific research corporation whose laboratories and administration are located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.

Where is Aperture Labs from?

Built in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA sometime after the founding of Aperture Science in 1943, the Aperture Laboratories is the main headquarters for the company.

How big is the Aperture Science facility?

Size and layout The salt mine is composed of nine vertical shafts, each at least 4000 meters deep and hundreds of meters in length.

When was Aperture founded?

History. Aperture Science was founded as Aperture Fixtures in the early 1940s by Cave Johnson.

Is Chell a mute?

As with all the playable characters in the Half-Life universe, with the exception of Alyx Vance, Chell is silent.

Is GLaDOS Chell’s mother?

Before she learned she was Caroline, Glados would have NEVER defended Chell, having a deep hatred of her prior to learning she is her mom (sort of). HOWEVER, if he simply kills glados, Aperture would collapse and kill Chell and Ratman. So he erases Caroline’s personality from Glados.

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Will there be a Portal 3?

Unlike the Half-Life series, the story of which Valve has left frustratingly incomplete, Portal felt finished after the second game. You could argue it felt finished after the first game, but Valve got away with making a second.

Why was old aperture sealed off?

While the company was under intense scrutiny for the recalls, Johnson ordered that Test Shaft 09 be sealed off in 1961 to conceal early unethical scientific projects. The US Senate called in Johnson for a hearing in 1968 to address missing astronauts that had participated in Aperture experiments in the 1950’s.

Is Caroline a GLaDOS?

It becomes clear that Caroline’s mind was inserted into the AI that became GLaDOS, a fact GLaDOS silently recalls on her own as she listens to the recordings. GLaDOS’ demeanor slowly changes as her memories of Caroline emerge, and she claims to have turned over a new leaf.

Why is the cake a lie?

Usage. The original context of “The cake is a lie” was to convey the message that a reward is being used to motivate Chell, the player character of Portal, without any intent of delivering.

Who voices Cave Johnson?

Cave Johnson was created by designer Erik Wolpaw and is voiced by J. K. Simmons. He is described as an “eccentric dead billionaire” and “extroverted, enthusiastic, and opinionated.” He was the founder and CEO of Aperture Science.

Why was Wheatley made?

According to GLaDOS, Wheatley was originally designed by the Aperture technicians as an “Intelligence Dampening Sphere.” His intended function was to render GLaDOS less dangerous by generating a constant stream of stupid ideas, thereby distracting her and hampering her decision-making process in hopes that she would

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What is the largest aperture?

The specifications for a given lens typically include the maximum and minimum aperture sizes, for example, f/0.95 –f/22. In this case, f/0.95 is currently the maximum aperture (the widest opening on a full-frame format for practical use), and f/22 is the minimum aperture (the smallest opening).

Are portals possible?

The end answer was Yes, portals are physically possible, but the picture is probably not. The worst hand waving has to be done in the process of making the portal. Defining why two sections of space-time would get cemented together in this way is a job for worldbuilders like us, not for scientists.

Do the combine know about Aperture Science?

The Combine have no knowledge of the Aperture Science facility.

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